A Bit about us 

RKW Petroserve has a collective experience of over fifty years of service to the retail, industrial and Aviation refueling industry’s. Metric/Pec and Compac pumps and consoles are our specialty. We also manufacture and export to all countries High Flow Aviation refuellers and Small Aircraft refuelers that meet international standards. 24 hour service RKW maintain a 24 hour service which is connected to our general office phone number (9338 8608), having a single contact number prevents confusion and any impediment to gaining the service you require. If service is required outside normal office hours, your call is automatically diverted (at no extra charge to yourself) to our on call technician’s service phone. We serve: Aviation Industry Construction Industry Local, State and Federal Governments Logistics Industry Mining Industry Transport and Railway Industry and other Industry with refueling needs Qualified Technicians All our technicians are trade qualified, AIP work clearance accredited and listed TMV certifiers, all are current holders of the Electrical S-permit. They are also capable, good natured and responsible technical people with a complete understanding of the importance of satisfying the client while insuring the cost is kept to a minimum. Our customer’s needs Manufacture of Aircraft Refuellers for commercial Airport, Military, Paramedical and Airforce applications for worldwide markets is a major part of RKW Petroserve business. Experience in supplying exactly what the client wants is a major reason our company receives repeat business from satisfied clients. We recondition in-house, a large range of change over fuel pumps, meters (fully reconditioned), nozzles, electronic heads, calcopacs displays, power supplies etc., virtually anything relating to our industry we can deal with successfully at a minimum cost to our customer. Tanks, pipework and valving installation and maintenance We also supply and install over head, on ground and under ground tanks, pipework and valving to AIP, Australian Standards. RKW Petroserve is also a recommended service agent for Macnaught lubrication and pumping equipment and has a wide range of experience in Tecalemit, Alemite and STM equipment, covering simple hand pumps to multibank lube installations. RKW Petroserve has extensive experience in tanker equipment and maintenance from meter and counter calibration, hose testing and aluminium repairs and welding.