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RKW Petroserve
Petroleum Equipment, Service & Maintenance
03)9338 8608 

RKW Petroserve have a collective experience of over fifty years of service to the retail, industrial and Aviation refueling industries. We offer a range of products, installation and services, including but certainly not limited to:
-Above ground tank installation
- Above ground tank removal 
-Underground tank installation 
-Underground tank removal 
-Fuel bowser installation and maintenance 
-Petrol tank repairs

Whether they are for retail or industrial use, our highly skilled technicians also offer an emergency service, tending to repairs that may be needed on short notice. 
Located close to the freeway entrance, our technicians can be anywhere in Victoria within moments from your call out. 

Additionally, we offer niche maintenance and components, assuring that we can provide comprehensive service at the highest quality. 
Fuel bowser parts (including fuel nozzles, fuel meters and hoses) Diesel petrol pump parts Fuel suction line testing (and fuel suction line repairs when necessary) Petrol pump calibration All work conducted by RKW Petroserve is carried out to AAA Standards. 
We are TMV certifiers and members of the Australian Institute of Petroleum. All equipment is to the National Measurement Institute’s standards and uses quality Macnaught fluids. RKW Petroserve maintain a live 24 X 7 contact number for all your emergency breakdowns (03 9338 8608) .
 – Petrol Bowser petrol pump calibrate – 
Fuel Bowser spare parts – 
Macnaught fluids – 
Diesel Bowser repair – 
Petrol Pump nozzles – 
Suction line testing Our lines are ready to hear you, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  

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